Ode to Joy by Beethoven

Thursday, September 11, 2014 by Matt Cosgrove | Performance

This week I have added a new wedding selection. If you are looking for some wedding music or need a guitar performer for your event, <a title="Contact" href="http://www.cgstudio.us/contact/">send me a message</a>. I have at least 2 hrs of classical, sacred, and contemporary popular music ready to perform.

This piece can be found on p. 58 of the  T<em>he Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Vol. 1. </em>I am using an Apogee Mic for iPad and a <a title="Kremona NG-1 Pickup" href="http://www.cgstudio.us/shop/accessories/kr-ng1/">Kremona pickup</a> which I carry on my website. Kremona pickups may also be used on <a title="Kremona Ukulele Pickup" href="http://www.cgstudio.us/shop/accessories/kr-uk1/">Ukulele</a>,  <a title="Kremona Vn/Vla pickup" href="http://www.cgstudio.us/shop/accessories/kr-vv3/">violins, and violas</a>. I also carry a <a title="Kremona Violin/Viola Pickup with volume" href="http://www.cgstudio.us/shop/accessories/kr-vv2/">violin pickup with a built in volume control</a> at the players fingertips. I panned the Kremona a little to the left and the Apogee a little to the right. I am quite satisfied with the sound.

This is a beginner level piece. Most of my students are even able to play this piece within their first year of study. If you are interested in lessons, check out some new <a title="Free guitar package with new registrations!" href="http://www.cgstudio.us/freeguitar/">guitar lesson promotions </a>I am running for the new school year.  Any comments are welcome below. Enjoy!